Roberto Palazuelos

Roberto Palazuelos
Net Worth:$ 12 million
Last Updated:2021

Roberto Palazuelos was born in 1967 in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico, he is a son of Maria Bedeaux and Roberto Palazuelos Rosensweit. His father is from Mexico but his mother is from France, he has 5 half-siblings.

He was studying from Jr High School for his school education and his diploma. At the age of 41 Roberto, went to a college for his Law Degree.


He is started his career as a television actor, Palazuelos worked in some television series like Simplemente MarĂ­a and Mi Segunda Madre in 1980. For his outstanding performance in those television series, he rose fame. In 1988 he was also playing a lead role in Don’t Panic in John’s character.

He participates in a reality show called Big Brother Mexico in 2003, Roberto also hosting a reality TV Show called EI Bar Provoca in 2006.  Roberto joined the cast of Tomorrow is forever to give life to Camilo Elizalde In 2008.

He also worke in the cast of the telenovela Llena de Amor as mauricio Fonseca in 2010.In the bcast of telenovela Una familia con suerte like mike Anderson Palazuelos work in a role.

In 2013 Roberto appear in Tv ads and all kind of advertisement of Pepsi, he promoted the Pepsi in Mexico, and become an official image of Pepsi in Mexico. At the age of 41, Palazuelos went to Tec Milenio University, Campus Cancun for his Law graduation.

Personal Life

Roberto married to Yadira Garza, in their wedding reception Cristian Castro sang the opening song. On their Wedding mass, Pablo Montero Sang the Ave Maria song. After the 13 years of their marriage, Yadira Garza and Roberto Palazuelos announced their divorce. The beautiful couple has one child, named Roberto Palazuelos Jr.

Roberto Palazuelos Net Worth

Roberto Palazuelos Net Worth estimated at around $12 million, over the course of his career. He is well known as a Mexican Actor, Model, and Producer. Roberto earns lots of money from his career.

The Mexican producer has a hobby to make a great collection of cars. Recently he spends a big amount of money to buy a red color Ferrari 488 Spider. It’s one of the very expensive and luxurious cars he has.

He has a hotel named Hotel Diamante K, the hotel has a very earth-friendly look. Hotel Grounds are made with wood from the surrounding forest, it is placed in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

4 Facts On Roberto Palazuelos That Might Surprise You!

  1. He has a boutique hotel named The Diamante K, which is placed in right on Tulum’s stunning white-sand shore.
  2. Palazuelos appears in the Mexican popular TV show Big Brother Mexico, in the year of 2003
  3. Roberto completed his graduation at a very older age, he was complete his Law degree at the age of 41 from the Tec Milenio University.
  4. His full name is Roberto Palazuelos Bordeaux, he has also a another name El Diamante Negro Robert Palazuelos.