Reed Robertson

Reed Robertson
Net Worth:$1 million
Last Updated:2021

Reed Robertson was born in 1995 in Louisiana, United State, he is the son of Jase Robertson and Missy Robertson. Reed is the eldest child of the Robertson family. Reed is a grandson of Phil Robertson and Kay Robertson, Phil Robertson is an American professional hunter, Reality star and businessman.

He has two siblings Cole Robertson and Mia Robertson Reed’s grew up with them. He studying from West Monroe High School of Lousiana, Reed also studying from the Harding University of Arkansas.


After passing out from Harding University in Arkansas, he started his career as a reality star. He came in the fame after appearing in a reality television show. Robertson Family of A&E series Duck Dynasty. In 2012 Reed first appeared on the show in the episode named Hogh Tech Rednek.

Recently Reed moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a new career in music with his beautiful wife Brighton. Reed is playing multiple instruments like guitar and Banjo, he is also writing his own songs.

He spends a big amount of money on purchasing a VW Bug van. It has great benefits there is a bed inside the van where he can sleep. It can be used for traveling all around the country.

Reed Robertson Wife

Brighton Thompson is the wife of Reed Robertson. The couple is dating each other when they are in high school in 2011. Thompson is a social media star, Reed proposed her for marriage in December of  2015.

Then the couple decided to get married and finally they are got married in October of 2016. Thompson was welcome into the Robertson family by Reed’s mom Missy and they are happily lived together.

Recently Reed and Thompson moved to Nashville, Tennessee where Reed wants to pursue a new career in music and Reed’s wife Brighton attending a nursing school at Belmont University.

Reed Robertson Net worth

Reed Robertson Net worth estimated at around $ 1 million over the course of his career. He is well known as a Reality star and Television personality, Robertson makes lots of money from his career. He loves to travel to new places Recently Reed spend a big amount of money to buy a new VW Bug van for a comfortable journey of his tour.

4 Facts Reed Robertson That Might Surprise You!

  1. Reed wants to be a musician from his childhood, recently he moved to Nashville, Tennesse to flow his dream.
  2. He is the eldest grandson of the famous reality star and businessman Phil Robertson and his wife Kay Robertson.
  3. Reed and his wife Thompson dating from 2011 when they are studying in a High School. After the five years of their relationship, they got married in October of 2016.
  4. He loves to travel to new places recently  Reed brought a new VW Bug van it can be used for traveling all around the country.