Niko Khale

Keyshia Cole
Net Worth:$ 1.7 million
Last Updated:2021

Niko Khale was born in 1995 in Washington DC, the United States, he belongs to a Christian family. Niko Studying from a Local High School of Washington DC, from his childhood he wants to be a musician. When studying in high school he started his music practices. He is very fascinated by the music from his childhood.


Khale started his career as a stage artist under the name of Acne primo and he started uploading his music on MySpace from 2015. The famous American recorded producer Rodney Jerkins popular with his stage name Dark Child listen to his song and he was very impressed with Niko’s music.

In 2019 the famous record producer Dark Child gave him a chance to start his career in the music industry. Niko also worked as a songwriter and an independent HipHop artist. When Khale performs his popular songs Truth and Something Changed About you he adopted his real name before performing those songs he was known with his stage name Acne primo.

After that Niko released his one the popular song High Life in the album The Spirit  Indestructible. Khale also promotes another album On My Own which is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Itunes. At that Khale also released his two more popular songs Water Under The Bridge and War Ready.

Niko Khale and Keyshia Cole

Who is Keyshia Cole? Keyshia Cole is the name of Niko Khale’s girlfriend she is a famous American Singer, songwriter,  actress, and producer. The couple was first met at a party in 2018 after that they are started dating each other.

In 2019 Keyshia posted on her Instagram account about their relationship she also shared a post that they are expecting their first child. In 2005 she released one of her popular songs The Way It Is, within 17 days she received Gold certification for the song.

After the song has become very popularĀ  Keyshia rose to fame and later she was released another few popular albums Calling All Heart, Different Me, and Just Like You. The famous American singer Keyshia Cole also appeared in reality shows such as Family First, Keyshia Cole: All in.

Niko Khale Net worth

Niko Khale Net worth estimated at around $ 1.7 million over the course of his career. He is well-known as an American independent hip hop artist and as a songwriter, he makes lots of money from his music career.

4 Facts Niko Khale That Might Surprise You!

  1. Before fame when Niko performed as a stage artist he is known as Acne primo.
  2. Beginning of his career he uploaded his recorded music on My Space and famous American record producer Dark Child impressed with his song and gave him a chance.
  3.   Niko’s girlfriend  Keyshia is also an American famous singer, songwriter, and actress.
  4. The only 25 years old American boy becomes a very successful singer and earns lots of money from his singing career. Niko’s estimated Net Worth is around $ 1.7 million.