Maggie Baird

Maggie Baird
Net Worth:$2 million
Last Updated:2021

Maggie Baird was born in 1959 in Fruita, Colorado, She was very closed to her mother. Baird completes her graduation from the Fruita Monument High School. During her school life, Baird learned guitar and piano. After graduation, she went to the University of Utah, where she studied Dance and Theater.


After complete her theater course she started performed on Broadway and Off-Broadway. Then Baird moved to New York City and made her debut television sow in an American soap opera called Another world in 1981.

In 1990 she played the role of Heidi’s friend in The Heidi Chronicles after that Maggie moved to Loss Angeles, California. After that In 1991, she started work in television and film production. Whare Baird was working in some television drama like Murphy Brown, L.A.Law, Picket Fences, Texas Ranger, Walker.

She was being a member and teacher of an Improvisational and Sketch comedy troupe and school, named The Groundlings, which is based in Loss Angels. When she was in Groundlings, She performs and  Taught with many actors like Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, and Melissa from 1994 to 2000.

Baird also worked as a voice actress in some popular video games like Final Fantasy XII, Mass Effect, Vampire, and Rogue Galaxy. She has released her first studio album  We Sail in March of 2009. She wrote a film called Life Inside Out, the film was released in 2013. She is the co-producer and actress of the film and she was also provided a soundtrack for that film.

She was the editor of the Us gold-certified song, Feet Under which is released in 1016. Her 15 years old daughter  Billie Eilish helped her to edit the popular songs.


In Heartland International Flim Festival Baird won the Chrystal Heart Award for her dramatic feature in a film called  Life Inside out. She also won the Chrystal Heart Award for the Best premiere at Heartland International Flim Festival.

In 2014 Bairds received a nomination from the Phoenix Flim Festival for Cox Audience Award and Best Picture. After that, she has received a nomination from San Luis Obispo International Flim Festival and won the award for her Best Narrative Feature in Life Inside Out film.

Maggie Baird Daughter

She married Patrick O’Connell in 1995, he is an American actor. Patrick and Baird’s first time met when she performing in Alaska. After two years of their marriage in 1997, Bairds gave birth to her son named Finneas.

After the four years later of Finneas birth in 2001, She gave birth to her second child and first daughter Billie Eilish. Baird’s daughter Billie was born in December of 2001 in Highland Park, Los Angeles. On her international arena tour, When We All Fall Asleep, Baird joins her daughter Billie.

According to the Billboard in 2019 apple paid a $25 million check to Billie Eilish for her Documentary about her life. The documentary about Billie’s was directed by the popular director R.J. Cutler it was released by the label of Interscope.

Maggie Baird Net Worth

Maggie Baird Net Worth estimated at around $2 million, over the course of her career. She is well known as a TV Actress. Maggie is making lots of money from her television career.

4 Facts On Maggie Baird That Might Surprise You!

  1. For some popular Video games, like Mass Effect 3, Saints Row 2, Vampire, Baird lent her Voice.
  2. Baird’s daughter Billie Eilish is an American Pop singer and songwriter, Don’t Smile at Me is her debut songs.
  3. Her husband Patrick O’Connell is a popular American actor, who is working in the most popular Hollywood film Iron Man.
  4. Bairds wrote a beautiful film, Life Insite Out it is a story of the relation between mother and son.