Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Net Worth
Net Worth:$250 million
Date of Birth:Oct 28, 1967 (54 years old)
Height:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession:Actress, Film Producer,Television producer
Nationality:United States of America
Last Updated:2020

Julia Roberts Net worth estimated at around $ 250 million over the course of her career. Julie Roberts is a leading star in Hollywood and Julie makes lots of money from her acting career. In 2017, her estimated earning was $170 million but right not she takes into the next level. Julie Roberts has a great collection of the car, recently she owns  Mercedes Benz Slr McLaren is one of the most favorite luxurious cars she has.

According to the Manson Global, she brought a lavish house of five floors 6,245 square feet in San Francisco. Julie Roberts owns the old Victorian Revival Style house in $ 8.3 million, it was designed in 1907 by Sylvain Schnaittacher. She has also a Malibu home but currently, Julie is not using the house she let it for rent at $10.5k per month.

Before Fame

Julia Fiona Roberts was born in 1967 in Smyrna, Georgia, USA. Her parents Betty Lou Bredemus and Walter Grady Roberts worked in a theatrical production for armed forces. Her parents also run a Children acting School in Decatur, Georgia.

In 1972 after her parents get divorced, Julia moves to Smyrna, Georgia, whare Julia complete her graduation from Campbell High School. Before moving to New York City to start her acting career, she briefly attends the Georgia State of University.

After Julia moves to New York City from Georgia she enrolled in an acting class and she got an offer from Click Modeling Agency and she signs the contract with the model agency.


After a few years later of work in the Clock Model Agency, After Julia started her acting career in the series Crime Story in February 1987. Her first big-screen appearance came in 1998 she plays a role in a movie named Satisfaction.

She playing a role in Mystic Pizza in 1988 and working in a supporting role in Steel Magnolias in 1989. Julia won her first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting role in Steel Magnolias and received her first Golden Globe Award.

Her breakout role came in Richard Gere in Pretty Women in 1990 Julia’s performance in Pretty Women was outstanding she nominated for an Oscar and won her second Golden Globe Award for Motion Picture Best Actress.

In the USA Pretty Women Achieved the larget amount of ticket selling for a Romantic comedy film.and the film was making $ 463.4 million worldwide and Julia received a sum of $ 300,000.

Julie Roberts Books

Julie Roberts is no Strangers to overcoming her bad times with her determination. She was facing lots of problems in her professional and personal life. The journey of Julia Fiona Roberts walks through a high and low of her career.

Julie wrote a book called Beuty in the Breakdown: Choosing to Overcome it is available in Amazon. She wrote the books from her own experience with life. Julia told her story how to she overcome all the time with faith and hope.

Julie Roberts Husband

Julia met the first time to her husband in an event show and they are started dating each other. In 1993 Julie Roberts married the famous American singer Lyle Lovett but their marriage did not go for the last long. They are separated in march of 1995.

After a few years later of her divorced. She meets the cameramen Daniel Morder in the set of The Mexican in 2000. That time Roberts was dating an American actor Benjamin Bratt and the cameramen Daniel Morder was also still married to her wife Vera Steimberg.

After Daniel divorced was finalized, Julie and Daniel got married in July of 2002 in Taos, New Mexico. Moder and Roberts have three children together.

5 Facts On Julie Roberts That Might Surprise You!

  1. Before fame, Julie worked in a Model Agency in New York named Click Modeling Agency.
  2. Julie Roberts spend $6.4 million for bought a seaside malibu house in 2003.
  3. Roberts is an animal lover and she bought a ranch in New Mexico worth  $2.5 in the location of her marriage with Daniel.
  4. She purchased an apartment for $4 million in Manhattan, New York.
  5. Julie wrote a book called Beuty in the Breakdown: Choosing to overcome she told her story in this how-to she overcome all the time whenever she falls breakdown in her life.