Gabi Butler

Gabi Butler
Net Worth:$1 million
Last Updated:2021

Gabi Butler was born in 1998 in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. She is the daughter of Debbie Butler. Butler belongs to a Christian family she has a brother and two sisters her brother’s name is John Michael and one of her sister’s names is Ashley Butler and another sister’s name is Amanda Butler.

From her childhood, Gabi Butler was very caring about her fitness and flexibility she started yoga and gymnastic from her childhood and later Gabi join a gym to maintain her fitness. She has been started cheering at the age of eight years old.

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The 22 years old youtube star started her profession as a cheerleader at a very young age.  Gabi Butler started participated in the local cheerleading competition. She was joined as a member of an All-Star Gym called Top Gun and Trinity.

In 2010 She went to participate in the World Championship as a part of Top Gun and Trinity. But unfortunately, Gabi was injured and she didn’t participate in the show.

After the injury, she was getting very depressed but some time later she gets a big opportunity, Cali SMOED all-star team of California called her to cheer them. Then she moved to Los Angels to start her career with the Cali SMOED. In 2013 Gabi won the world championship with the team. Along with her team, she bagged a jacket in the NCA in 2014.

Gabi’s new Netflix documentary series comes out in January 2020 its flows the life of a consistently winning cheer program.

Gabi Butler Husband

People are always interested to know about celebrities’ relationship and their husbands. Gabi is only 22 years old cheerleader girls now she only focuses on her career Gabi is not married yet. But she is in a relationship with a college football player Jordan Brookes Wess.

Gabi met with her boyfriend Jordan Brookes Wess when he was playing football for his teamĀ  Florida Atlanta University Football Team. When Jordan saw the cheerleader’s girls Gabi. He instantly approached her and started talking with gabi while they are taking they are very attracted to each other. Then Gabi and Jordan started dating each other and they are still together.

Gabi Butler Net worth

Gabi Butler Net worth estimated at around $ 1 million over the course of her career. She is well-known as a cheerleader star she makes lots of money from her cheerleading career. Gabi has a popular youtube channel on her name Gabi Butler, makes a large amount of money from her youtube channel. Gabi has some luxurious car collection, recently she bought a blue color BMW car which is very close to her heart.

5 Facts On Gabi Butler That Might Surprise You!

  1. The cheerleading girls Butler started cheering when she was only eight years old.
  2.  She has a youtube channel and Gabi makes motivated many people.
  3. Gabi doing a documentary series on Netflix for the life of a consistently winning cheer program that was released in 2020.
  4. When Gabi went for her first world championship she got injured and she did not participate in the show.
  5. The 22 years old cheerleading girl earns lots of money in her career gabi’s Net Worth is around $1 million.