Brandi Snyder

Net Worth:$ 4 million
Last Updated:2021

Brandi Snyder was born in 1974 in the United States. Snyder was stying from a local high school and later she completes her graduation from the Florida College of Natural Health as a medical esthetician in 2002. From her childhood, she wants to be a successful businesswoman.


After completing her graduation from Florida College of  Natural health she started her career as an entrepreneur. Brandi Snyder created her own cosmetic company named Taupe cosmetics. She also created a liquor brand named Southernality this company is based in Kentucky.

Brandi operates a brow business named Lavish Beauty, whare she doing Lip Blush, Ombre Brown, and Microblading. And she also trained the worker for Lip Blush, Ombre Brown, and Microblading.

After that Snyder works as a commercial model in some Magazines. Then she makes her hobby as a carrier and started her own company Lavish Studio. Brandi is also a tattoo artist and a licensed Esthetician.

Recently Snyder creates a new men’s magazine named HABIT Magazine, and it is very popular among the mature people. She started a youtube channel in her name where she posted her Lavish Beuty’s video. She earns lots of money from her business career Brandi’s estimated Net Worth is around $4 Million.

Brandi Snyder Photography

Brandi Snyder is also a fabulous photographer, she clicks lotas of beautiful photos in her Photography career. She also works as a photographer in her own company Lavish Studio.

Brandi Snyder Net worth

Brandi Snyder Net worth estimated at around $ 4 million over the course of her career. She is well-known as an American Entrepreneur, She is the Founder of  Southernality Spirits, Feby makes lots of money from her overall career.

She has an established magazine named HABIT. The magazine is available in both types of digital and print, The cost of the magazine of the one-time purchase in print $32.99 but in the case of digital magazine charge it’s only $19.99. If you subscribe to the magazine for one year the cost is $80-4 issue, for digital and $160 for print. They also have a special addition if you subscribe with the special edition for one year the cost of the magazine with special edition is  $140- 4 issue for digital and $200 for print.

And she has her own merchandise she called it HABIT Gear, where she should different types of T-shirts and cap. She makes a good profit from this business.

4 Facts Brandi Snyder That Might Surprise You!

  1. Brandi is a multi-talented woman she is not only an entrepreneur she is also a photographer and a tattoo artist.
  2. Snyder and her husband have three sons, her first son was born in 1999, the second son born in 2003 and her younger son was born in 2008.
  3. She is also famous as a model, Brandi modeling for some commercial Magazine.
  4. Recently she creates her own magazine called HABIT, it is available in print and digital both. Synder makes a huge amount of money from this magazine.