Net Worth:$ 1 million
Last Updated:2021

Alkaline was born in 1993 in Sandy Parl, Kingstone, Jamaica, his original name is Earlan Bartley. Alkaline Studying from Ardenne High School, and later he went to University of the West Indies for study in Media and Communication in 2010. When he was studying in high school Alkaline started his music practices.


After complete his high school, at the age of 16 he started music recording using his stage name Alkaline. In 2013 Bartley performing a series of singles then he becomes famous in Jamaica.

In 2015 when he was performing a live show in Florida, Alkalinewas hit in the head by a bottle. And he was also throwing back the bottle to the Offender. His first album New Level Unlock was released in 2016, by DJ Frass Records. The album came at the top of the Billboard chart.

This year he also released some hit singles such as Block and Delete, Champion Boy, After All. Then he also features in the  That Love of Shaggy.  In 2016 the tour of the UK has canceled for some security issue. The great moment came into his life in September of 2016, when he has received a nomination for MOBO Award for the second time.

In October of 2016 when the Red Stripe Premier League began, Alkaline remixed his popular singles Champion Boy and use for the advertising campaign of the premier league. After that one of his most popular album New Level Unlocked was came into the no 3 of Billboard chart in 2016.

Alkaline Girlfriend

Who is the girlfriend of the famous rapper Alkaline?. Vendetta queen is dating with alkaline from the last few years. She is very frustrated from the last few months, because of the rumor that she is cheating him. Recently the famous rapper Alkaline released his new singles  My Love and dedicated it to his girlfriend.

Alkaline Net Worth

Alkaline Net Worth estimated at around $1 million, over the course of his career. He is well known as a Jamaican Rapper. Alkaline is making lots of money from his music career.

He loves to drive the newly released luxurious cars, recently Alkaline spends a big amount of money to buy a black color BMW x6. He has a lavish house in Los Angeles.

5 Facts On Alkaline That Might Surprise You!

  1. He took his first breath on 19 December 1993, in the Jamaican Victory Jubilee hospital.
  2. His sibling Kioma was giving his stage name Alkaline, before that he was known as Earlan Bartley.
  3. When Alkaline was in High School, he started to write songs and practicing DJ. He records his first song at a very young age when he was only a 16 years old boy.
  4. He makes a website on his name, for his music followers.
  5. The 27 years old rapper become very famous for his music, he earns lots of money from his music. Alkaline’s estimated Net Worth is around $ 1 million.